The Huber technology referred to as 'SpineForce' is a new form of rehabilitation, which helps prevent and fight back pain, rehabilitates injuries and re-trains core and postural muscles more effectively than any other form of treatment currently available.

The Huber is the only machine in the world proven to strengthen the core spinal muscles. The core (of the body) is where our power is derived from and as the nerve centre of the body, it is the foundation of all movements responsible for balance, coordination and overall spinal health.

Each session spent on the Huber is used for the maximum utilization of all the core and global muscles; in fact, over 180 muscles can be simulated at once!

The Huber technology teaches the correct muscles to engage automatically when performing everyday movements, therefore, as a patient… you learn how to control your back at ALL times.

Feedback is provided by a unique, world-exclusive measurement device that is inbuilt into the technology to measure muscle co-ordination, how quickly the muscles can react to the body being put off balance, strength of the core muscles and co-ordination between the left and right sides of the body and at the same time the activity is fun and motivating.

By changing the joint positions during the exercise, the scan in the Huber makes it possible to call on different muscle fibers of the targeted muscles. With a global approach we can achieve the micro-movements of all the vertebral joints that may be stiff or not moving as they once did, strengthening of the deep muscles of the spinal column, reconstruction of a balanced posture, motor reprogramming of individual muscles and development of motor co-ordination.

Overall you will have developed an optimal understanding and awareness of positioning of the body, improved joint movement, increased core muscular strength, improved posture and better motor skill co-ordination. Huber also ensures the stability of the spinal column and torso to develop precise, co-ordinated movements of the limbs

Huber is also very beneficial for athletes as it results in optimal athletic performance by increasing strength and mobility which in turn dramatically reduces the potential for injury.

Furthermore in the sports setting Huber allows for effort testing, evaluation of posture and mobility and assesses an overview of co-ordination resulting in the most accurate diagnosis and effective training program to be developed. Athletes can train without ground impact during an injury phase and train to prevent injury

Huber technology can also assist the aging population by reviving tired tissues, improving posture, strengthening and toning the torso muscles resulting in joints that move better and muscles that are suppler and stronger. Increased energy will also be noticed due to a more efficient musculo-skeletal system.

Furthermore, stimulating the balance system will lead to the prevention of falls and increase confidence in mobility and therefore independence improving quality of life. Huber can assist patients to preserve or recover balance thus restoring balance, mobility and confidence necessary for light exercise and activities of daily living.

Huber is vital for women who are often sedentary and who seek to maintain muscle tone and bone strength to regain good posture.

The huber technology teaches stability in an unstable environment therefore as a patient you learn how to control your back and posture at ALL times. Feedback is provided by a unique, world-exclusive measurement device which is able to measure motor co-ordination, strength and muscle synchronicity and at the same time the activity is fun and motivating.

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