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Rehabilitation & Core Strength SpineForce 

Spineforce is the only machine in the world proven to strengthen the core spinal muscles. It is one of the latest forms of technology preventing and fighting back pain by rehabilitating injuries and re-training core and postural muscles.


The core is the foundation of all movements responsible for balance, coordination and overall spinal health. 


Spineforce is perfect for athletes as it increases strength and mobility, dramatically reducing potential injuries, resulting in optimal performance.


Spineforce also assists the aging population by reviving tired tissues, improving posture, strengthening and toning the torso muscles resulting in better moving joints and muscles that are supple and strong.

You'll also notice increased energy due to a more efficient musculoskeletal system.


Each session will see over 180 muscles simulated at once!


This technology teaches the correct muscles to engage automatically when performing everyday movements, therefore, as a patient you learn how to use your back correctly at ALL times.


Sessions available with Instructor or for the experienced HUBER users can be self independent.


*  Note:  only experienced HUBER users who are approved by the physiotherapist can use the HUBER independently.



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